Seeds TV

Seeds TV

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Seeds?

To provide helpful, LOCAL advice, information and ideas to parents from LOCAL experts in the Pee Dee.

What is Seeds?

Seeds is a 30-minute LOCAL television series that will air a minimum of 55 times for the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter and a LOCAL resource for parenting children of any age.

Why should my business be a part of Seeds?

Seeds is a LOCAL opportunity to showcase your business through affordable video exposure. It will allow you to expand your customer base to a significant television and internet audience. You can reach parents from the comfort of their living room. It will be a great resource to advertise your website and other important information about your business. In addition, your business will be featured on the Smile Media website offering a convenient link to your company’s website for the duration of your airtime contract.

Who will Seeds reach?

Seeds will air on Time Warner Cable Channel 4, reaching over 67, 000 homes in the Pee Dee, including Florence, Darlington, Lake City, Hartsville, Hemingway, Johnsonville, Timmonsville, Cheraw, Marion, Mullins, Dillon, Chesterfield, and Pamplico.

Who is the target demographic?

The target demographic is parents 25+, which constitutes over 75% of the population in the Pee Dee. The median disposable income is over $35,000 annually and nearly 75% of the population are homeowners with a high school diploma or higher.

Broadcast Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:30a 10:30a 10:30a 10:30a 10:30a 10:30a 10:30a
12:30p 12:30p
4:30p 4:30p
8:30p 8:30p 8:30p 9:30p

Weekly airings = 15x

Total airings per season = 60x

*Times subject to change

2011-12 Season Air Dates

Spring April 15-May 12
Summer July 18- August 14
Fall September 19-October 16
Winter January 17-February 13

Segment Sponsorship Ideas

Snack Time

Nutritional snack ideas, healthy cooking and meal preparation, school lunch ideas.


Family fitness, sports leagues, outdoor activities, importance of exercise


Discuss the benefits of education, teachers, administrators, school milestones.


Discuss the importance of reading to children, library information.


A child will share his/her favorite Bible verse.

Star Seedling

Recognize a child in the community who has an inspirational story.


Fire safety, police advice, water safety, car seat information

Check-Up Time

Expert advice offered by pediatricians, dentists, ophthalmologists, psychologists

Arts & Crafts

Discuss the importance of exposure to art and music to children.

Spa Day/Date Night

Reminder for parents to take time for themselves.

Give Back

Opportunities for families to volunteer in the community.


How to budget, how to save, investment assistance.

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